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Waltzer the Softy

I love the internet. I love blogs, forums, tweets and even regular old websites. But there is still something magical about the written word printed on paper and lovingly bound for your delight. The smell of fresh ink on paper, can't see me sniffing a kindle somehow.

So great news that the Greatest Living Englishman Alan Moore is bringing out a new magazine in November. Dodgem Logic sounds from his description to be somewhere between Leo Baxendale era Beano and Oz. Which sounds great to me.

In a terrific interview on the mighty Mustard website Alan opines: "We want to provide something that is going to illuminate the rather dismal times that we are currently going through – and which I tend to suspect will be getting a lot worse – as well as giving people some practical information. Whether that’s under the rubric of our recipe pages, DIY clothing pages, articles on squatting or the more political articles. To keep people informed in a way the conventional media doesn’t do anymore."

I really cannot wait to read Dodgem Logic and it sounds exactly what Alan should be doing.

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