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The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Nigel Blackwell of Half Man Half Biscuit on great form in this interview for a Tranmere Rovers fanzine. They are playing Edinburgh in October, proving that life isn't all bad.

interview: "One thing you share with Tranmere is that you've both been described by the geographically challenged as being from Liverpool. How do you feel about that? Happy to be lumped in with the Scousers or fiercely Wirral?

Being called 'Scousers' is purely geographical ignorance - if I know the difference between Kentish man and Man of Kent and Geordies and Mackems for instance then there really is no excuse for lazy journalists (whose job it often is to know these things) to label us thus. Liverpool is a superb place and I'm there probably once a week and if we were from Crosby say, then I could perhaps just about understand the tag (even though Crosby itself is a town in its own right), but Birkenhead is a fairly large place as it is (142,000 people?) and so there is never an excuse for this error. Doesn't bother me as such. I don't get annoyed - it's simply RANK BAD FORM on the part of the journalist.
Life has changed a lot in the 20 years since Back in the DHSS was released. (Pavements used to be for walking on, now apparently they're for parking on.) What changes particularly annoy you, and which ones do you like?

You've hit the nail on the head perfectly there! Parking on pavements. That is exactly how Nazi Germany started! Litter dropping should also be punished severely - and I do mean SEVERELY.

Also - make kids walk to school again - it's how we learned our social skills. Oh, and cube more Mini-Motos. too noisy for a start before we get on to any law-breaking agenda. And can I watch..?

And instruct Bus Drivers to 'cheer up for Christ's sake'.

Having said that, there is still just about (and I do mean JUST ABOUT) a basic underlying decency to society I reckon."

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