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Hall or Nothing

I've seen a lot of great gigs in the Queen's Hall over the years. Martin Stephenson, Therapy, Sigur Ros, Low to name but some. So it was sad news to hear that the venue is under threat. It seems Edinburgh Council is not renewing funding. After the Cameo it is a shame that another important cultural centre is under threat. The Queen's Hall provides a service all year round, not just at festival time. Info below.

I hope you won't mind getting involved in this extremely worthwhile activity in order to bring the City of Edinburgh Council to its senses.

The Queen's Hall in Edinburgh was originally a church built about 1830. It re-opened in about 1979 as an 850-seat concert hall and has hosted since then a enormous range of events. The hall has become, by common consent, an important part of Edinburgh's cultural scene but, in their wisdom, the City of Edinburgh Council have now proposed that they will stop supporting its operation by withdrawing their funding within the next three years. Anywhere else in the world more money would be finding its way to help the hall rather than moves being considered to run it down. It's all a bit weird especially when you consider that the annual sum in question here is only £100 000.

For a city which presents an apparently vibrant artistic and cultural face to the world, Edinburgh has lost too many venues already in the past 10 years or so. Please click on this link http://www.edinburghnews.com/savethequeenshall and send your name on-line to The Edinburgh Evening News' campaign -- 'Save The Queen's Hall' -- which has just been launched today.

Please circulate this to as many of your acquaintances , musical or otherwise, as soon as possible. The hall has to make a submission about this to a council committee on Monday 7 August 2006.

Further information from ... .

Iain McQueen

Head of Operations Clerk Street Edinburgh EHZ JIG

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