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Too much information?

For those of you who despaired after seeing the Hellblazer movie with walking splinter Keanu, some better news in the form of top weegie crime writer Denise Mina. Uh but JC is not a detective Mina.

NEWSARAMA - DENISE MINA ON HELLBLAZER: "NRAMA: At the Vertigo panel in WizardWorld LA, Vankin said that you will not shy away from the supernatural elements of the series and that your first story is in fact heavy in the supernatural department. You’ve also mentioned in an interview with the Evening Times that “It's set in Park Circus and it's about some characters who live in Glasgow and who entice detective John Constantine up here. It's such an interesting thing to do and it's so different to writing emotive stories.' Care to elaborate more on the story that you’re writing? How do you see John Constantine as a character?

DM: JC is a bit of broken man at the start of my run, but that’s all Carey’s doing so I can’t take any credit for that. JC comes to Glasgow with an amnesiac friend but when they get into the friend’s house they find a lot of scary stuff there that can’t be explained. It soon becomes clear that the friend is in a lot of danger and JC has to try and find out what he’s been up to. See? This is a blurb, the para you put on a book jacket which wriggles and giggles and tries not to give anything away. Obtuse enough for you? I hope I have told you something there."

I would have thought Glasgow was frightening enough without adding supernatural elements.

As Mr Constantine's creator says "I believe that our culture is turning to steam"

Don't you?

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