:: Wednesday, February 18, 2004 ::

Writing on the Wall

The revolt against the council tax is growing and is becoming an unescapable problem for the government both in Westminster and Holyrood. And they know it.

"Ex-cabinet minister and key Blair ally Stephen Byers is to attack the council tax as "unfair" and argue business does not pay its share of local spending.

Poorer people are paying a contribution disproportionate to their wealth, Mr Byers will say.

He will tell a local government conference on Thursday the council tax is unsustainable and must be replaced.

"The poorest 10% pay over four times more of their income in council tax than the richest 10%," he will say."

"The present system of council tax is unsustainable. It needs to be replaced by a new system which protects pensioners and those in greatest need while ensuring that business pays its fair share."

In Scotland New Labour face the difficulty of opposition to their tax from all quarters, including their partners in the executive the Liberal Democrats. The SSP alternative the Scottish Service Tax is also attracting attention. In a fine example of using the 'net in a political campaign the SSP have launched http://www.scrapthecounciltax.com/ complete with blog and a handy calculator to see what you would be paying.

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