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Stan Goff on 'Guerrilla War in Iraq'

FrontPage magazine.com Symposium: A Guerrilla War in Iraq?

"Goff: There is a disingenuous refusal afoot here to question the premises of the invasion, and with it a tacit acceptance that its purpose was to somehow transplant an American-style constitutional republic in Iraq.  That not only has never been the intent, it is not possible.  The trajectory of economic, political, and cultural development in Iraq is not that of the US.  What is going on, and the intent of the invasion, is colonial occupation.  The goal is to establish a Quisling government that bends to the US geopolitical and economic diktat, allowing US control over swing production of exported energy among other things.  And while there are certainly dramatic differences between Vietnam and Iraq, there is one key similarity.  The main force underwriting the resistance and the popular support for it - which will grow - is the desire for national sovereignty and self determination.  And I never said the killing of Saddam's sons and grandson was irrelevant.  In fact, the elimination of senior Ba'athists may broaden the resistance.  Many anti-Ba'ath sectors, from a purely pragmatic point of view, would like to see the Americans finish the job of decapitating the Ba'ath Party before they begin the task of expelling the occupiers."

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