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Edinburgh People's Festival

The Edinburgh People's Festival was out at the Big Day, a community festival in Liberton, south Edinburgh. We got a lot of interest and contacts. We also unveiled our new banner which you can see at all the EPF events. Watch out for features in the List and the Herald next week.

Edinburgh People's Festival


The new TypePad blogging application looks pretty good. Lots of features including phone blogging and it's standards compliant - the big problem with blogger. I haven't tried it, but if it is user friendly (ie I can persuade non-techy people to use it) then it could have real potential.

Herald Poll

The SNP are in crisis. With Swinney under fire from central belt activists who, quite correctly, accuse him of moving to the right and causing the SNP to lose thousands of votes to the SSP at the May 1st elections. He now faces a leadership challenge. However today's Herald poll shows the SNP moving ahead of Labour. This shows the even worse situation that New Labour is in following the Iraq/Kelly crisis. Meanwhile the SSP were up two points with gains for the Greens and independents also. The old party system has been blown apart in Scotland. 22% of Scots would now cast their vote for radical parties like the SSP, Greens and SSCUP. Furthermore 49% of voters back parties who favour Scottish independence. The big story in my opinion is the increase in the radical vote in Scotland which is taking votes from the establishment parties like Labour and the SNP.

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