:: Monday, June 23, 2003 ::

Free Asterix!

Jose Bove photo: copyright Joel Woolfson

Photo © Joël F. Volson

French Indymedia Report

BBC Report

Global Justice campaigner and activist in the Confédération Paysanne José Bové (known affectionately as Asterix) has been arrested once again by French police. Up to 80 flics backed up with helicopters, guns and dogs arrested José after battering down his front door. The man who's claim to fame was demolishing a McDonalds with his tractor, was arrested this time for destroying genetically modified crops.

Following the G8 summit in Evian when a protestor was deliberately injured when a rope he was attached to was cut and the crack-down on the leftist Iranian group last week in France, it seems the French government are getting twitchy. They weren't able to do much against the striking public sector workers (the union leadership did it for them) so they have to look tough where they can.

None of this will do the popular José any harm of course! Free Asterix!

What can you do? Sign the petition now!

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