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Mullan wins Golden Lion in Venice

SSP member Peter Mullan wins a film prize for his latest work The Magdalene Sisters, about abuse within a Catholic Convent. The film has been denounced by the Vatican, but there have been a series of disturbing revelations about this kind of abuse within institutions run by the Catholic Church, in Scotland and around the world. One was exposed by Father Steve Gilhooley, an Edinburgh priest. He wrote a book "The Pajama Parade" detailing his experiences and in return received condemnation and death threats.
One sample at a right-wing Catholic site talks of "the likes of Fathers Andrew Monaghan and Steve Gilhooley - media priests whose crass and open rebellion against the Church makes one shudder to think what awaits them and their episcopal patron at Judgement. "
Religious fundamentalism is hardly exclusive to Islam, as if you didn't know.
Oh, and Steve Gilhooley joined the SSP as well!

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