:: Wednesday, August 21, 2002 ::

Letters to the Herald

A series of letters to the Herald in reply to their editorial attacking the Scottish service tax.

from Prof. Mike Daily of Paisley University:

The Scottish Socialist Party is the only party in Scotland that dares to demand more than this. Scotland is not fair. As The Herald knows only too well, in Glasgow we have multiple ghettos of poor people living next door to new housing developments for the super-rich. South of the river, Glasgow City Council talks of regenerating the Clyde and presides over the extinction of proud communities like Govan. Govan gets sewerage plants, proposed waste recycling plants, and empty industrial units - squeezing out the population: creating misery and poverty. Down the river, a handful of wealthy people get luxury apartments and pay a little more council and water tax than a low-paid worker up-river.

If it's old-fashioned socialism to say we need to address obscene social inequalities, then so be it.

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